'Edda does a lot of things. They might look like little things, still she has many desires. She lives in a little world, but it is hers.'
(Sigríður Gunnarsdóttir, Edda's mother)
In this project, pink takes diverse tones from the darkest to lightest, as from black to white there is an infinite number of shades. It's a rosy life, not because it is easy, but besause it's the colour she likes the most, and it is enough to make her smile. It is a 'rose' for fairytales and canopied beds, but behind this Barbie colour, is the red of a battle that has been carried on for 39 years.
Edda and the people living around her make themselves visible to the public in order to break boundaries, and give others the opportunity to understand a life with nental disability.
A rosy life
This work which is a documentary made out of interviews and photographs have been exhibited in London in 2014.
Because it is still a work in progress, the video is not showcased here. However if you want more information about that project, you can email me: thibault.salle@gmail.com
A rosy life